Maintenance costs

Transparent cost maintenance

You can extend your annual hosting costs with a maintenance module from just €14.95/year. Valid only if hosting takes place at McVelsen IT Solutions. Otherwise, the Gold rate applies.

Description of maintenance contractBronsZilverGoud
Backup frequency website.MonthlyWeeklyMultiple times a week
Maintenance of CMS (e.g. WordPress), plugins, security updates.YesYesYes
Have new pages added or modify existing ones.NeeMax. 3 per YearMax. 99 per Jaar
Have texts or images changed.YesYesYes
Getting messages posted.YesYesYes
Help if maintaining the website yourself.Max. 1 hour per monthMax. 4 hours per monthUnlimited
Cost€ 14,95/jaar€ 34,95/jaar€ 74,95/jaar

McVelsen IT Solutions is categorised under KOR-regeling and may/can therefore not charge VAT.

Why do people choose us?

McVelsen IT Solutions believes that every client deserves the best service within his or her budget. We therefore offer excellent service, a wide selection of services and the best value for money.

  • A deal is a deal. What we promise we make true.
  • Whichever service you choose with us, we take the hassle out of making the transition to your new service as smooth as possible.
  • For your business, an online website is vital. That is why we offer a 99.9% guarantee: your website will remain online and available to visitors.

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